Partnership With Mental Edge Hockey

Jupiter, Florida: Solid State Hockey ( Mental Edge Hockey ( are thrilled to announce their affiliate partnership aimed at revolutionizing mental performance for hockey players everywhere.   This collaboration brings together two industry leaders committed to providing hockey players with the tools and resources necessary to optimize their mental game on and off the ice. Mental Edge Hockey specializes in mindset and mental performance training for hockey players everywhere. With a new and revitalized focus on total player development, Solid State Hockey continues to establish itself as a premier hockey development and training resource for New England. Mental Edge Hockey brings a cutting-edge, tested, trusted, and proven mental performance system to Solid State Hockey that will only further enhance total player development in the region. Mental Edge Hockey, founded by Professional Hockey Skills, Mindset and Mental Game Coach, Sandy Cohan, specializes in building confidence, igniting success, and helping hockey players achieve unthinkable results. Cohan, who works with Prep, Jr, Collegiate, Oympic and Professional Hockey Players all over the world, shares that, “Developing successful and unbreakable mental performance habits is the missing piece for the new, modern-day athlete.

Growing grit, building confidence, and learning how to identify, encounter, and overcome challenges and adversity are skills that can be taught. Mental Edge Hockey customizes each training system for each client, and exists only to serve the very best interests of each player and each family.” With a deep understanding of the psychological aspects that can significantly impact athletic performance, Mental Edge Hockey has helped thousands of hockey players achieve peak mental performance on and off the ice. The Mental Edge Hockey System and Sandy Cohan’s expertise align perfectly with Solid State Hockey mission of fully developing well-rounded, world- class human beings and hockey players.

 By joining forces, Solid State Hockey and Mental Edge Hockey will collaborate on the development and implementation of innovative mental performance training programs specifically tailored for Solid State Hockey current clients. These programs will equip all players with mental tools and strategies to manage stress, enhance focus, build resilience, and cultivate a winning mindset. Through customized workshops, seminars, and one-on-one consultations, players will have the opportunity to gain a mental edge and elevate their performance to new heights. The partnership will also see Mental Edge Hockey and Solid State Hockey work to co-create additional digital resources and educational materials that will benefit players, coaches, and parents. This initiative aims to make mental performance training more accessible and widely available to Solid State Hockey community, ensuring that players at all levels can benefit from this transformative development. “The partnership between Solid State Hockey and Mental Edge Hockey represents an exciting enhancement in our ongoing commitment to total player development,” shared Brad Gilmartin, founder of Solid State Hockey. “By partnering with Mental Edge Hockey, we’re adding immense value to our existing clients. We believe that mental performance training and development is a critical component of success, and this partnership will provide an amazing opportunity for our clients to reach new levels of success.” This collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of mental performance training in hockey development in the New England. Through innovative programs, resources, and a shared commitment to excellence and mental development, this partnership represents a significant step forward in equipping hockey players with the mental tools needed to succeed at the highest level.

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